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Top 10 Questions for in a Website Design Company

  1.  Does the website design company should have a minimum of 10-12 website samples in their portfolio.
  2.  Is the website responsive?  Does the website function just as easily on laptop, desktop, cell phone or tablet.
  3. Does the website designer submit the new website to all of the search engines and optimize it for search.
  4. Does the website design company have experience in SEO or search engine optimization?
  5. What kind of research will they do on your product or services?
  6.  Will they review your original website and explain what needs to be fixed or changed?
  7.  Do they work in house locally or do they subcontract their websites to other countries?
  8.   Ask them for a time frame to find out how long it will take to complete the project from start to launch.
  9.   What does the web company need from you (the client) before they begin the process?
  10.   Will you be providing written content or is the web designer responsible for it.

Website Design in Fort Myers Florida

New Guy Media


If you operate a business in the Fort Myers Florida area then you know how competitive it can get down here in the summer season.  The internet is growing at a dizzying rate. The opportunities for a business seeking an innovative website are almost limitless. At New Guy Media we understand how the seasons affect our businesses and we are here to help you navigate the incredibly difficult world of internet marketing. The one place that needs to be addressed first is the design and development of your website.

At New Guy Media and DL Website Design, we concentrate on creating ideal responsive websites for all types of businesses and organizations.  We understand our client’s needs and all of our web designs are in line with the values of the organization and the brand it wishes to advertise. We build basic advertising sites, small catalog sites, extensive e-commerce sites, landing pages, organizational portals and more. The design of our sites is always appealing to the eye and the latest technology is constantly updated to insure the very best user experience.

The layout stage is the initial step in website design and development.  We must ask ourselves, what do our client’s customers really want when they visit the site? Once we figure that out, we then continue with a temporary mockup and lay out the most important elements. Once the layout has been approved, we then continue in designing the ideal website.

UX (user experience) is one of the most crucial factor in designing a website. Your business experience merged with our technological ability and experience will reflect the users’ needs in the various UI (User Interface) and will create an innovative and unique user experience (UX) for your project.

We invite you to take a look around the website to see all we have to offer.  Our websites are built in a creative atmosphere by talented designers with groundbreaking technology that is optimized for Google and other search engines. The company’s managers and employees in Fort Myers have more than 35 years of combined experience in digital marketing and online advertising, and we provide every customer with a solution to their needs.


Fort Myers Website Design & SEO

I’m sure you have heard the term RESPONSIVE when talking about website design.  A responsive website is viewed just as easily on laptops and desktops as it is on your cell phone or tablet.  If your website is RESPONSIVE you will never have to play with the screen size or adjust it in anyway when viewing it on a tablet or mobile device.  Searching on mobile devices is now the method used more than any other on Google and the other search engines.  If your website is not RESPONSIVE then you could be missing out on more business than you could imagine.  All of our websites are designed with this in mind and every website is loaded with click to call buttons and call to action sections of each and every web page.  It may sound simple but most design companies tend to overlook something as easy as this.



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